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Find information regarding school policies, including Covid guidelines, our academic program, student rules and regulations, and general policies and procedures.

VSS COVID Safety Measures – HIGHIGHTS – 2021-2022

  • School will be conducted in-person, five days per week
  • Outdoor classes will be held whenever possible.
  • Students will be reminded not to share food and drink. Food allergies will be monitored and accommodated.
  • Students & staff are required to wear masks while indoors when physical spacing is not possible. Students will be provided with mask breaks throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are provided at entrances to all buildings and common areas. Hand sanitizer is supplied to all classrooms and bathrooms.
  • Disposable wipes and/or disinfecting spray are used in all facilities for wiping down surfaces.
  • The fresh air rate in all classrooms will be increased through sliding doors (or windows for those rooms without sliding doors). Air conditioning units and HVAC units will be maintained with high efficiency HEPA filters of a MERV rating of 13.
  • All buildings and rooms are cleaned nightly by a professional cleaning crew